Managing The Removal Of Industrial Waste From Manufacturing Facilities

26 December 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Manufacturing is a large part of the industry all over the country. Depending on the product being made you can be a considerable amount of waste in the process. Managing that waste and having it removed from the facility is it an important part of keeping things running.

What Is Waste

The first step to managing the waste going out of a facility you to determine what is waste and what can be reused. In some cases, materials that were previously thrown away can now be reclaimed and recycled. Researching the materials that were previously considered waste to determine rather they can be recycled is part of the management program. There are so many materials that can be reclaimed, you might be surprised that the material you work with every day has another use.

Selling Your Scrap Materials

Once you have determined rather than material is waste or recyclable, you will need to find recyclers willing to buy the material. Do a little research into the material and its uses. You may find information online, or in other places, that will point you in the right direction and help you find a place to sell your scrap material often times a recycler that does not buy your material may be able to help you find one that does. Call or email the recyclers in your area and talk to them about your scrap and whether they are interested in buying it or not. If they're interested in your scrap materials, they can bring you a container or dumpster to put the material in and set up a schedule to swap it out for you.

Separating The Waste

Once you have determined what is saleable recyclables, you need to set up a system for separating the recyclables from the waist. In the beginning, getting the system up and running can be trying. It will involve training all of your employees so that they understand what is recyclable and what is not and where to put both materials. In very large manufacturing facilities there are departments dedicated solely to separating recyclables and waste and managing the recycling side of the program. You will have to determine whether you need someone to do this work or if you can get your employees to learn the process and follow the steps. Once your program is in place and operating, you will likely see a reduction in waste cost and some income from recycling. Getting your program setup will take some work but once everything is in place and the system is working it will be worth the effort.

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