What Are Static Mixers?

27 December 2017
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Mixing materials on an industrial scale is going to take a lot of work. There are various tools that can make it easier to do that. One of them is a static mixer. 

Static Mixer

A static mixer is used for mixing a large variety of materials. While it is usually used to mix various liquids together, that's not the only thing that a static mixer can be used for. They can also be used in various applications with gasses. For example, two gasses can be mixed together using a static mixer. A static mixer can also be used to mix a gas into a liquid. When it comes to combining two liquids that would otherwise not blend in any way, a static mixer can be used to blend them together. An example of this would be something like oil and water. Generally, the two materials wouldn't mix, but a static mixer can manage to blend them together and turn that blend into a usable mixture. 

Types of Static Mixers

There are different kinds of static mixers. One kind is a plate mixer. Another is a mixer that has everything contained in either a tubular or cubical housing. The housings and mixer can be very small or up to several meters in diameter, depending on what their use is going to be. 

How Static Mixers Work

The static mixers work in different ways. A plate static mixer works on turbulence. As the liquids to be mixed flow through the mixer, the plate mixer provides some intense turbulence. The turbulence will cause everything to mix together. In mixers where the mixing element is put into some kind of housing, the mixing is generally done by disrupting the flows in various ways. The way that it works is that each of these mixers has a series of baffles or separators, sometimes the baffles are helical in design. As the materials flow into the mixer, the baffles and separators disrupt the flows of the materials. That disruption then causes the materials to mix or blend and when they exist out of the other end of the mixer, they will be in a usable form. 

Mixing materials on an industrial scale needs to have the proper tools. Otherwise, it's going to take too long to mix the amount of material that anyone is going to need in order to get the work done. Contact a company, like StataMix llc, for more help.