What Mil Spec Wiring Is, And The Three Main Specialty Wire Types

27 December 2017
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Mil spec wiring sounds like something used by mills for the purpose of providing additional power to their grinding machines. Well, you would be half right on that anyway. Actually, "mil" stands for "military", "spec" stands for "specifications," and wiring, well, is wiring. Ergo, mil spec wiring is military specifications wiring, ultra special wiring produced by the military for use in military vehicles. Here are three main specialty wire types that are most commonly used in military vehicles.

Military Shipboard Cables

These shipboard cables are used on Naval and Air force seagoing vessels. They are made to be waterproof and ultra-durable, since these ships need to be in tip-top shape all the time. That includes in war time and in times of peace. If your boat is big enough to handle this kind of mil spec cabling, you might want to get your hands on some and improve your own boat.

Aircraft Cable

Aircraft vessels in the Air Force have to withstand mach speeds, lack of oxygen, G-forces that can compress fruits, and freezing temperatures in the upper atmosphere. For those reasons, the military developed aircraft cabling. There is nothing else like it, and the closest any earthbound vessels will come to using it is in extreme roller coasters.

Wiring for Tanks and Hum-V's 

Tanks are the forward movement of any military frontal onslaught. The wiring in these massive machines may have changed over the decades, but what the wiring does and how it is protected has changed. Some of the same wiring has been used in Hum-V's (Hummers) as well. When Hummers became passenger vehicles for the public to buy and drive, some of that mil spec wiring came with them.

Mil Spec Wiring for Every Kind of Military Vessel

Whether the military is producing an aircraft vessel, or they are installing wire in a guided missile, you can bet that they have mil spec wiring for all of these machines. The military spares no expense in the production of high-grade products to keep soldiers safe and help soldiers do their jobs. A large portion of the military's annual budget is funneled into further development of electrical components, including cabling and wiring, that will improve the overall functions and effectiveness of what they make to fight foreign wars. The best part about all of that is that this military technology eventually trickles down into everyday products that ordinary citizens can use.