When Steel Is Not Strong Enough: How This Problem Is Addressed

31 December 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


When is steel not strong enough? That seems like an oxymoron, does it not? Yet, you would be surprised at how often steel products give way, because they were not quite the tensile strength they needed to be for the project they were used for. If you run into this situation, here are a few things that steel fabricators will do for you.

Employ a Structural Engineer to Solve the Problem

A structural engineer looks at the reasons why the steel components failed. Then, the engineer figures out what the proper steel alloy formula should be for your particular needs and sends the formula to the steel fabrication plant.

The Steel Fabricators Create the "Recipe" Given to Them by the Engineer

Smelting and forming the replacement components you need first relies on the steel manufacturer and fabricator creating the steel "recipe" given to them by the engineer. Since there are dozens of steel alloy "recipes," the steel company has to create this "recipe" to the exact specifications given. Maybe you needed a touch more titanium, a tad less iron, and smidge more aluminum. Whatever the "recipe" calls for, that is what you will get.

The Steel Fabricators Test the Components

Given the exact causes of steel failure the first time around, the fabricators reform the components from the new steel "recipe," and then test them in a controlled lab. If they withstand the same pressures and problems that the original steel products did not, they are duplicated and shipped to you. If there are still some weak points, the project is sent back to the structural engineer to figure out why there are still some issues. Most of the time, the structural engineer has it figured out and resolved the issue on the first try, but do not be surprised, if that is not the case with your steel products.


Whether you were building a machine or constructing a building, you can now confidently rebuild it, knowing that these new steel parts will not fail you. If you are building or constructing several of the same item, like a new kind of car, you can order thousands of these same parts from your steel fabricators, to keep you in production for some time. Otherwise, you just pay a one-time custom fee for the parts you received, and you are all set.

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