Three Unique Things You Can Do With Copper Tubes

1 January 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Copper, when it is new, is a very pretty metal. Besides gold and silver, not much else shines with such a brilliant color. This metal is used for everything from the American penny to construction. It is also used to make copper tubes. If you are wondering what copper tubes can be used for, here are a few unique items made from copper tubing.

A Copper Glockenspiel

A glockenspiel is a type of xylophone. It is comprised of several metal tubes of varying diameters and lengths to produce various tones. You can use copper to create a glockenspiel because copper tubes come in dozens of diameters and can be cut to create the perfect length for each sound tube. Additionally, copper delivers sound with very clear tones as it is a good metal for creating, capturing and delivering sound waves.

Copper Pipes for Your Copper-Lined, Claw-Foot Tub

It is not every day that you see a copper-lined claw-foot tub. If you happen to know someone with such a tub, and he or she is looking for replacement pipes and above-floor plumbing, suggest copper tubes. Not only will the copper tubes highlight the copper-lined tub, but they will also accent the unique features of this tub. Your friend can use leftover copper tubing to restore the interior of the tub, which may have darkened or become green over time.

Wind Chimes

If you are the crafty sort, you can use copper tubes to create sparkling, tinkling wind chimes. You will need a drill bit that can power through copper without crunching it, and the drill bit has to make tiny holes in the tops of each tube that you use. Given the numerous sizes of copper tubing, you can experiment over and over again to see which sizes of tubing make the most musical of wind chimes. Additionally, the tubes will gain a green patina over time that some people really want in their gardens or dangling from their patio roofs.

Where to Buy Copper Tubing

Most hardware stores carry some copper tubes in their plumbing sections. In the bigger home improvement stores you will not only find what is sold in the hardware stores, but also many more lengths and diameters of copper tubing. The larger the tubing, the heavier it is, so be sure to bring a truck if you are going to buy any tubing that is particularly large. Contact a company, like Monumental Supply Company, for more help.