Top Reasons To Use Zinc-Nickel Plating As A Finishing Solution

28 December 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Metal parts are used in countless modern-day products. The material is favored for its strength and durability. Each type of metal has its own properties that can make it an ideal solution for certain types of products. Sometimes manufacturers require a mixture of metals, which results in metal alloys. These alloys can be used to make products or to make product finishes.

Certain types of metal are prone to corrosion. This necessitates coating their surfaces with a protective finish. Sometimes powder coating is the chosen solution. Metal plating is another option. Zinc-nickel plating is a solution that is ideal for many products, and several product manufacturers choose this option. The following points identify a few reasons to consider zinc-nickel plating services for metal protection.

Extra Protection for Powder Coating

Some products appear more aesthetically appealing when they have a powder coating. The professionals who create or prep these materials can choose to use zinc-nickel plating prior to applying the powder coating. This process will render the outstanding protective qualities of the plating as well as the desired finish on the product. The purpose of this type of application process is to deter corrosion. It is also useful to use this method when a paint finish will be used rather than a powder coating. This is common when it is used for sheet metal, vehicle parts, aircraft, and boat parts.

Heat Resistant

Some metals are excellent for strength but not a good match for high heat environments. Manufacturers can harness the desired qualities of these metals in their products by choosing zinc-nickel plating as a coating. This is commonly used in auto parts, such as brake systems, which get exposed to high heat during operation. Plating the metal surfaces enables the underlying durable metals to withstand exposure to significantly higher temperatures than they could tolerate unprotected. This can lead to longer-lasting and safer products.

Corrosion Resistant

Corrosion is the "enemy" of some types of metal. Zinc-nickel plating can increase the lifespan of metal parts that would otherwise be prone to corrosion. The process can be used on parts of varying sizes, which makes it an ideal solution for parts as small as fasteners and screws. The automotive industry favors the zinc-nickel plated parts for the corrosion protection it offers. 

Zinc-nickel plating services can enable professionals in a variety of industries to get access to custom parts that have the finish applied. The services are also beneficial to use for products that are in the testing and developmental stages.