3 Ways To Get Rid Of Your Old Appliances

11 November 2022
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Old appliances sitting around the house can take up valuable space. While moving them to the garage or into storage may be a short-term fix, they will eventually get in the way there. Although you may no longer need them, getting rid of them is more challenging than it looks. Fortunately, you have several options if they are working or even non-working. Here are a few of them.

1. Sell Them Online

The beauty of online shopping is how easy it is now to sell stuff online. Numerous websites allow you to sell your appliances to people nearby.

To ensure your appliances sell quickly, do the following:

  • Take clear pictures
  • Be honest in your description
  • Set a reasonable price

Make sure you let your buyers know the appliances are heavy and they will need to bring assistance to load them onto their vehicle. While you may think this is a given, some people may show up expecting you to help.

2. Donate For A Tax Credit

Another great way to unload working appliances is to donate them to a non-profit agency. Many non-profit agencies run thrift stores or trash-to-treasure boutiques that will be willing to accept them and resell them.

The good news is some of these agencies may even be willing to pick up the appliances directly from you. A pick-up will save you the trouble of figuring out how to load your appliances and get them to their location.

Upon your donation, the agency generates a receipt you can use on your taxes showing your charitable contributions. Not only is this a great way to get a tax credit, but it will also allow someone else to get more use out of your appliances.

3. Take Them To A Scrap Yard

Even non-working appliances can put a few dollars in your pocket. They have value because of the large amount of scrap metal they contain. You can take your used appliances to the metal scrap yard and exchange them for a few dollars in cash. Some yards even offer scrap metal pick-up.

Scrap metal yards usually pay per pound, and these prices can vary daily and by location. The price offered is based on the total weight of the appliance.

If you want to make a few extra dollars from the scrap metal yard, consider dissembling your appliances and selling the different types of metals and components. For example, You can remove the copper, brass, zinc, or aluminum components from your water heater and sell these separately. Because these metals are worth more than the shell's light iron, you will get a higher payout.

Contact a scrap yard to learn more.