Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuild - Great Reasons To Rely On Professionals For Successful Restoration

17 July 2023
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If your company depends on hydraulic cylinders for necessary machinery, such as dozers, you may have to rebuild them at some point. Cylinder rebuilds can be demanding, so it's best to hire a professional and enjoy several things.

Make Sure Rebuild is Worthwhile

Before you go forward with a rebuild for one of your hydraulic cylinders, it's necessary to make sure it's required to begin with. You'll know for sure if you work with a company specializing in hydraulic cylinder rebuilds. 

They know what red flags indicate a rebuild is necessary, such as excessive wear, part defects, and corrosion. Just make sure you give the rebuild company information about your cylinder's recent performance and current condition. 

Perform Thorough Inspections After Part Disassembly 

If the hydraulic company deems a rebuild appropriate for one of your hydraulic cylinders, they will perform thorough inspections after they take it apart. They can then see exactly what parts of your hydraulic cylinder require repairs and part replacements. 

Some components they will inspect in great detail include the pistons, rods, seals, and barrel. If anything is off with any of these components, the rebuild company will document their findings and show you exactly how they'll approach the rebuild. 

Have the Appropriate Restoration Tools

To complete a hydraulic cylinder rebuild safely and efficiently, you need the right tools. If you don't have them, it's best to work with a professional rebuild company because they'll have everything necessary to complete successful cylinder rebuilds.

They have tools like screwdrivers, drills, fasteners, mallets, microfiber towels, and seal repair kits. By them already having the appropriate tools for cylinder rebuilds, you won't spend as much compared to DIY rebuilds. 

Provide Quality Part Replacements

A possible outcome of a hydraulic cylinder rebuild is a part replacement. Some parts, including the pistons and rods, may be too worn or damaged for repairs to be possible. In that case, hire a rebuild company to ensure only quality parts get used as replacements.

A cylinder rebuild company has completed many of these restorations before, and consequently have amazing insights into which parts perform better than others. Rely on their part recommendations to ensure your hydraulic cylinder gets put back together in a refined manner. 

Hydraulic cylinder rebuilds allow you to prolong the lifespan of these hydraulic components even more. As long as you let an experienced professional take control of the rebuild process, you'll have nothing to second-guess.