Own A Chemical Manufacturing Business? 4 Tips For Choosing Process Engineering Software

26 December 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


If you own your own chemical manufacturing business, using process engineering software can be helpful. Process engineering software can help you in many ways, such as designing, operating, optimization, and controlling your chemical processes. To help you purchase the right software for your business, below are four things you should look for.

Be Able to Read and Store Formulas

Because your manufacturing business deals with chemicals, you need a process engineering software that can read formulations, such as formulations done in the lab and formulations you may use in sample products. When finished, the software stores the formulations, so you will always have access to them.

Allow You to Schedule and Plan

The software you purchase should also give you the ability to schedule and plan the chemical processes. All data is kept in a database, so you have easy access to the information. This also prevents human errors, such as duplicate entries or formula calculations that may be entered wrong.

Have Inventory Control

In your business, it is very important that you always have the right chemicals in storage. The last thing you want to have happen is to run out of anything and not be able to make products for your customers. To help you, there are process engineering software packages that will do inventory control for you. You enter in the products and how much you have. When you get low on something, the system will alert you, so you can make an order.

Provide Maintenance

Your process engineering software will need to be maintained properly. Talk with the company that you buy the software from to see if they offer this maintenance. If not, they should teach you how to do it and be available to help, if needed.

Part of this maintenance is updating the software. Over time, you will need to make modifications, so you can meet your customer's needs. Most process engineering software packages will have periodic updates, so the software will always work well for you and your company. Each time there is an update, you will be alerted via a pop-up on your screen. There should also be information included about the update, so you know what changes the update is making to your system.

All users who have access to the software will be given a personal login and password. Once logged in, they have access to a menu with different options that carries them to where they need to go, such as access to the database. You can give certain credentials to each login. This will prevent someone from accessing information that they should not be able to.