Three Must-Have Options For Your Next Aluminum Flatbed

1 June 2018
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Aluminum is a more popular material for flatbed trailers than steel for many reasons. For example, aluminum alloy trailers are considerably lighter than their steel counterparts, which means they can haul a heavier load than a traditional steel trailer can, saving you money and time.

Another advantage of aluminum flatbeds is that, unlike steel, aluminum doesn't rust. If you live or haul in areas with heavy snow or rain, or in a coastal area, a steel trailer is going to be prone to rusting from the elements.

An aluminum flatbed is going to last longer, as the metal is highly resistant to weathering. While aluminum does corrode when it is exposed to oxygen, the substance formed as a result is aluminum oxide. This compound is extremely tough and serves as a natural protective coating, shielding the aluminum alloy from further corrosion.

Just like steel trailers, an aluminum flatbed trailer is also fully customizable. Here is a look at three popular upgrade options.

Piggyback Forklift Kit

If your business is in an industry such as landscaping, bricklaying, or construction, a piggyback forklift can make your work at the jobsite a lot easier. The rear of your aluminum flatbed trailer will be reinforced with steel siderails, mainbeams, and crossmembers. Mounting brackets are then installed, which will allow you to load up your trusty forklift on the back and take it with you wherever you go.  When you reach the jobsite, just take down the forklift and begin unloading materials and delivering them where they are needed.

Rear Ramps

Whether you're moving cars or trucks, all-terrain vehicles, boats, heavy-duty construction or forestry equipment, or you need to get your forklift on board, you're going to need a set of ramps to load and unload your goods. With custom rear ramps, you can be assured they will support the weight you need. When you are ready to hit the road, just remove the retaining rods from the back of the trailer and slide the ramps into the convenient on-board slots on the side of the flatbed and secure the load.

Pipe Bolsters

If you're hauling logs, pipes, culverts, or beams, you need to ensure your load is secure. With the addition of vertical pipe bolsters to your aluminum flatbed trailer and a winch and strapping system, your load will be extra protected.

Other upgrade options are available for the mining and oil field industry. Whatever industry you are in, let your needs be known and, chances are, there is a solution that is just right for you.

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